Fusion Plumbing is owned and operated by Simon Richards, a highly skilled certified plumber who has 15 years of plumbing industry experience, both in New Zealand and overseas. Fusion Plumbing is customer focused and we have established our core working values based first and foremost on our customers needs.




Clear and open communication

While on a job we will always keep you informed as to our progress, we will clearly communicate the cause of the plumbing problem, how we intend to implement the solution and the cost of this.


Our appointments are booked with maximum efficiency, ensuring we have enough time to get to your job on time. Not only that, but we will book your appointment for a time that is most convenient for you.


We will always conduct our work with the highest of integrity, ensuring our customers receive the best plumbing solutions at the best value.

Value for money

We know how hard it is to part with your hard earned cash these days, life is expensive and yes our prices are competitive but our value for money is second to none.

Neat and tidy job

We pride ourselves on our high quality workmanship for each job, big or small and we treat every household/workplace as if it were our own, leaving the areas we work in and around, clean and tidy.

Environmental Responsibility

Fusion Plumbing is committed to ensuring we have effective waste management and disposal procedures in place.

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